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OYA Truck

OYA TRUCK is an automatic guided tractor type vehicle designed for your need to transport the loads in your business in dynamic environments. Offered with trailer options, OYA TRUCK transports your cargo quickly and effectively using safe and economical transportation routes determined specifically for your business.

With OYA TRUCK, which has the latest technological equipment, you can ensure complete safety in your cargo transportation operations. It is a flexible and practical tool where all road tracking options can be applied with the narrowest dimensions of its class on the basis of load capacity.

OYA Platform

OYA PLATFORM is an infrastructure platform that you can use in all of your intralogistics processes. OYA Platforms with heavy load capacities offer practical and customized solutions by adding extra modular/hardware such as conveyors, robots and pins according to your needs.

Thanks to its modular design, it can be customized according to the needs of your business and provides flexibility. While increasing efficiency in your internal logistics processes, it saves time and cost. High carrying capacity makes OYA Platform an absolute transport specialist.

OYA Junior

OYA JUNIOR is our fleet vehicle that carries the low loads (0-500 kg) of companies in the fastest way. With its central control system, it will be your most reliable assistant in unmanned areas. Thanks to our special designs, OYA JUNIOR is suitable for transporting many different loads.

It carries loads safely and efficiently with its high-performance hardware systems. OYA JUNIOR is designed to secure your business by providing full flexibility in your business.

OYA Fork

OYA FORK is our fork type vehicle designed to meet the load transfer and storage needs of your business from ground level to certain heights. It is customized for use in many different industries, offering different options from both the simplest to the most complex tasks.

OYA FORK provides maximum performance and security with its high precision sensors and special control systems.


In all different types of loads and sizes

with our automated guided vehicles

we provide full flexibility


We customize automatic guided vehicles for you and design and manufacture them according to your needs. You can request an offer from us for our products suitable for you. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Why MODOYA

    MODOYA, with its years of experience and expert software and design development team, has a proven success in offering custom design and software solutions according to the needs of its customers. MODOYA leads the way in intralogistics by offering solutions that provide higher efficiency, lower cost and higher security to its customers.

    MODOYA makes a difference in many areas with its developed and developing product range. It provides maximum efficiency and full flexibility in modern intralogistics organized according to Industry 4.0 practices. MODOYA works closely to understand the unique needs and requirements of customers and develops customized solutions to meet their specific demands. MODOYA offers cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality. There is no need to take a break with MODOYA AGV. In this way, it ensures the continuous flow of material. MODOYA makes a difference with its expertise in the sector, innovative solutions and customer satisfaction.


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    MODOYA A.Ş. is an engineering company working for domestic technology, which set out with national feelings in order to announce the power of Turkish engineers to the world and to export Turkish technology to the world.

    Its strategy is to design unmanned technologies for warehouses, distribution centers and production facilities, working closely with each customer to meet, develop and maintain the customer’s changing requirements throughout the product lifecycle. It transforms advanced analytical thinking into sophisticated solutions in the fields it works with bold engineering practices.

    An overview of our products is as follows; AGV / OYA – Automatic – Guided Vehicles – Smart Check – Intelligent Quality Control Systems – Hi-Tech Automation Systems – Automatic Palletizing and Depalletizing – Packaging Solutions – Warehouse Management Systems