Producing in a safe environment and in suitable working conditions is an important element in terms of employee motivation. This element constitutes the basic building block of our quality of both business and personal life and health.

With this point of view, establishing and maintaining effective systems for the benefit of our employees is one of our main responsibilities. It is one of our most important goals to raise the culture of occupational health and safety by making our trainings continuous in order to fulfill the legal requirements and comply with the scope of the legislation.

Modoya will always make maximum efforts with all its staff to raise the culture of occupational health and safety. Because we, occupational health and safety rather than a legal obligation; We see it as an absolute step to be taken in terms of respect for people in order to work in a healthy, safe and quality position.

With this ground we have, we as Modoya take it as our duty to keep the motivation of all our employees high and to ensure that they have a healthy, safe, happy and peaceful work life.

Document No: TAL-066-04

Last revision date: 03.03.2016