As MODOYA A.Ş, we believe in producing the “great thing”. This is seen in our service and after-sales programs as well as the care we show for our vehicles. MODOYA INC. Our After-Sales Services provide a first-class experience all year round in the maintenance and repair of your vehicle, offering the highest standard of service and facilitating solutions to ensure complete satisfaction and total peace of mind.

Her müşteriye evimize gelen bir misafir gibi davranmayı amaçlarız. Bu birinci sınıf hizmet felsefesi, ile her ihtiyacınıza en hızlı çözümü sunarak verim kaybınızı ortadan kaldırıyoruz.

After delivering each new OYA, we focus on providing the highest level of customer satisfaction to our valued customers that we add to our portfolio.


Is there a malfunction in your system? Write us your request and our service team will contact you as soon as possible!


    We are responsible for the trouble-free operation, safety and maintenance of your vehicle or vehicle fleet. In our post-warranty contracts, the price is fixed and spare parts requirements are agreed with the customer through the offer. The customer can obtain the original spare part from us or from any sales agency. The maintenance contract guarantees the high performance and availability your business needs. Periodic unscheduled maintenance is an effective way to avoid downtime and costly repairs. We are responsible for maintaining your vehicles and ensuring all safety requirements according to the predetermined plan.

    If you are a company with large vehicle fleets, it can be beneficial and effective to have 24/7 OYA (Automatic Guided Vehicle) specialists in your organization. The experts within you are MODOYA employees, but they can work as part of your team to ensure the operability, reliability and safety of your vehicle fleet. Many companies work 24 hours a day in 3 shifts. MODOYA is no different from these. We can provide service and maintenance 24 hours a day whenever you need it.


    We can develop our standard contracts for your special needs by negotiating with you, and we will definitely try to find a solution that fits your needs.