OYA Truck

OYA TRUCK is an automatic guided vehicle designed to transport the loads in your business in dynamic environments with trailer options. The latest technological way of safe and economical transportation with road options suitable for your business.

OYA TRUCK case structures are the most efficient assistant of your transport operations by performing manual loading and unloading. Apart from our standard wagon types, revisions can be made to adapt to OYA TRUCK specially designed wagons.

OYA Platform

OYA PLATFORM is the infrastructure platform of all your transportation processes. It offers practical applications for your needs by adding extra modules / equipment such as conveyors, robots and pins on your platforms with different load capacities.

OYA PLATFORM It carries out your transport operations directly on it or with a rotating roulette stand connection. It performs your loading and unloading operations with manual / semi-automatic / automatic and robotic handling methods.

OYA Junior

OYA JUNIOR is the fastest fleet of e-commerce companies with low loads. With its central control system, it is the most reliable assistant of areas away from people. They are the tireless staff of the dark warehouses by communicating with each other.

OYA JR is your vehicle fleet in the most minimal dimensions of all your transportation processes. It is a low cost product that meets all the needs of your warehouses with its modular structure such as conveyors, pins, shelves and robot arms for your variable light loads (0-500kg.).

OYA Fork

OYA FORK (FR) offers storage solutions from the ground to certain heights, from the simplest to the most complex tasks, to the load transfers your business needs. It takes the pallets and crates on the floor of your business with the help of a fork and raises them 0-125/200 mm and carries them to the relevant area.

It perfectly performs your transport and stacking operations between 0 – 5 m with the help of forks in your business.